An approximate amount you need to shell out to survive in London

So you decided to move to London to pursue your student or professional life? Well, that’s great. London is a great place for studying and for a flourishing career. And due to this thousands of migrants consider moving to London to chase their dreams.London has been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world for tourists and for the migrants.Here is an approximation to give you an idea of how much money you need to shell out for your survival in London.

> The accommodation expenses - It has been said that if you are paying one-third amount of your salary as the accommodation rent it is completely fine. The cost of accommodation varies on some humongous factors like the number of bedrooms, the location of apartments, the facilities you will get into that area, and much more. Here we have provided the charge of a one BHK (bedroom hall kitchen) flat that is located in a basic area. If you take one BHK you need to shell out around (£1000) excluding the energy and other bills.

> The transportation charges - If you rush to your office or university via car then you can easily calculate how much money you need to cover that distance. On the other hand public transport will cost you £4 for a day on an average travel through the bus

> The cost of meals - The best way to curtail these charges is cooking at your own. However if you are not able to cook yourself then you need to spend £6-10 for a meal.

These are the basic charges you need to pay. Also London is full of taxes and some other charges that are indispensable to pay and are unavoidable.It is said that just like food, a place to live and nice clothing is essential to live a good life, sex should also be on an individual’s list for his basic necessities. If you have a partner in London, that’s great! But if you are new to London or don’t have a match, getting Greek escorts London Paris is always the best idea. So , go ahead!